1. Upload your community and network files

If you skip this step, the default files will be used.Click for details

Choose the file type then click on the Select File button

Allowed extensions: .txt and .dat

Upload files


rPizz 1
alfaLanc 1
netwAddr Leave empty
partitionAddr Leave empty

popSize 30
nrGshift 150
probEconomShift 1
nrGenShOrig 45
stepCom 1

2. Create new config file

* required field.

r Pizzuti: *

alfa Lancichinetti: *

Partition and compute NMI

True partition stored as node list

Full path to network file: *

Full path to true partition: *

Save NMI and modularity values in each generation

Shift network for diversity

Equilibrium: Nash Berge Pareto Ascends Moduarity Nothing Lancichinetti fitness *

Population size: *

Number of generations shift: *

Prob shift: *

Nr generations shift/original: *

Step size: *

3. Save

Simulation Files